A 6 week online course to make it easier to ask for more and get it so you can reach your goals faster and have fun doing it.


The Course

Weekly online webinars and simple fieldwork where we'll explore a new framework for making a bigger ask and help you step into your ZOFO.



A whole lotta radical bold fun.  No pulling punches.  No twisting in the wind.  Just raw bold courage and a place to practice asking for more


Private Facebook Group for the cohort where you can share wins and get bold support

Plus a weekly AMA on FB Live

What you'll learn in this course


You'll learn some of the key frameworks and tools we use in auctioneering to embolden our asks and make sure we leave nothing on the table.  You'll understand what the Zone Of Freaking Out (ZOFO) is and how to step into it so you can make that bold ask for more money, visibility...whatever!  And you'll walk away with a mental model that will serve you well beyond the confines of the course.  

You can Ask Like An Auctioneer

While we're working on making this course great, click the link below to access to a FREE 1-session class called STOP, DROP & ASK: what you can stop doing today to make bigger asks tomorrow. Just click the button below and get registered.

Course Detail

For the Signature Course, Ask Like an Auctioneer, here's what'll be included:


  • A one hour recorded module that will be opened on Mondays of each week after your start date. 
  • Simple and powerful homework you can do anytime. It won’t be more “work” or time, and will slip right into your daily life- a sort of whistle while you work approach.
  • A weekly inquiry or powerful question you can take with you to deepen your learning and activate your courage.  Just ponder it and see what changes.
  • A Weekly Ask me Anything hour on Facebook Live in a private FB group. 

WEEK 1: THE ASKAsking is powerful.  And you can use it as a tool to fund your dreams. Get more so you can grow more, be more, share more, invest more, give more- and money is a metaphor, there’s lots we can ask for to help us reach our goals.

WEEK 2: WELCOME TO THE ZOFO-The ZOFO is where the potential and we’re not going to let the heat of the Zone of Freaking Out deter you.  Instead, learn how to step into it and leave nothing on the table.

WEEK 3: GO BIG, STAY SAFE- We want to ask big, and you will step into the ZOFO, but you’ll do it in a way that you know your safe so you can ask with more freedom and more fun.

WEEK 4: THE LITTLE THINGS YOU DO (OR, PLAYING YOUR CARDS)- Move the ask forward with these two tools that can keep the conversations so you can get to the yes that’s right for everyone.

WEEK 5: FLIP THE SCRIPT- Stop letting your price and the deal define your worth. Find freedom in flipping the script and asking “is this worth it to me?”. This module is all about perspectives that give you power.

WEEK 6: OWN IT- This is where it all comes together. Be an everyday practitioner of asking for more and getting it.  When you own it, you can ask for what you want, what you need and what matters to you. You’ll walk the world asking like an auctioneer.


Be A Part Of It

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Surprise Yourself

Go ahead...surprise yourself and say out loud what you really want. We'll work that angle until you can Ask Like An Auctioneer

Get the courage to ask for more

Step into your own personal ZOFO

Power up your conversations

Get clear on what matters most to you

Stop wringing your hands about what and how much to ask for



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