Welcome to the ZOFO

How to STOP holding yourself back from ASKING big. 

In your financial negotiations and beyond. 

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Quit lowballing yourself

It's really easy to lowball yourself. You can stop that right now and explore and maximize the potential of every ask.

Know what stops you

There's a little voice that says "how dare you!" when you go to ask big. And it can put the breaks on you, big time. That's your Zone Of Freaking Out talking. Get to know it, so you can crush it. 

Break Free

Freedom means asking big even when you feel freaked.  When you know what holds you back, you can free yourself even in the face of it.

As a coach, I’ve seen it and experienced it a million times.

Over the course of my career I’ve worked with some impressive, imposing, and incredibly important people. And you know what? They’ve all got a ZOFO: a Zone Of Freaking Out. Even the most accomplished and impressive among us feel overwhelmed and anxious under certain circumstances. The reason these accomplished and impressive people continue to succeed is that they’ve figured out how to navigate the ZOFO efficiently and effectively.
The rest of us get stuck, sink into panic, and end up lowballing ourselves. We trip over our roadblocks and ask for less than we deserve.


I'm here to change that

I’ve designed Welcome to the ZOFO to help you explore what’s holding you back and learn to confidently navigate your own zone.
It won’t be easy, especially at first, but if you embrace these ZOFO-management tactics, they will help you push beyond discomfort, make those big auctioneer-like asks and experience phenomenal success.

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One woman doubled her salary and secured a better title in just under one year by using the simple ideas from Welcome to the ZOFO! I’m not kidding when I say this short, powerful course can change your career, business, and life.

In this four-part course, you’ll:

  • Learn the core concept that will get you more of what you want, every time.
  • Get insights into HOW to make a more courageous ask
  • Understand more about what’s stopping you from asking for what you really want, so you can stop lowballing yourself.
  • Complete a self-guided coaching exercise that you can use both during and after this course

Course Content

Shaped around the Ask Like An Auctioneer signature talk delivered live at Pandora’s HQ in Oakland, this 4-part course is a fun journey through where we stop ourselves and how to unlock a bigger ask. It's 57 minutes of fun that could make all the difference in your career.

Module 1- Welcome – Dia's a little serious in this module, because she understands this is serious business for you. Shot in the studio, she's setting you up for success.

Module 2- Don’t be afraid of the “No” – This is first half of Dia's Ask Like An Auctioneer talk recorded live at Pandora's HQ in Oakland.  It's a fun ride that'll challenge and change your perspective on Asking. 

Module 3- Empower your Ask This is the second half of the talk, where Dia shares the tools and frameworks she uses to ask big as an Auctioneer. Take notes.

Module 4- Know your ZOFO – Step back into the studio with Dia and get a guided coaching exercise that'll help you get to know your ZOFO so you can stay in charge of the Asks you make. 

This short course is perfect for women on the brink of a level up:

Independent professionals ready to raise rates and the profile of clients they serve.

Entrepreneurs needing to get good at asking.

Ambitions professionals ready to take on more and grow their careers.


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