Your Most Powerful Ask

Get a ROCK SOLID plan for your next Ask in this live coaching experience with Dia



One Ask can change everything. 

You’ve got a goal. It’s big and gorgeous and glowing in the distance. You have a vision for how to bring this goal to fruition, but haven’t found the courage to put it into motion just yet. And you know that the next Ask you make can change everything.You’re ready to hone your plans, and hoping for a booster-shot of self-confidence.  

Your Most Powerful Ask Private Coaching is just what you need.

In this intensive 75-minute session, you’ll arm yourself with a powerful Ask that gets you closer to that gorgeous, glowing goal. Together, we’ll develop an “Ask Plan” that will help you muster the courage and confidence you need to move forward.


By booking Your Most Powerful Ask Private Coaching, you’ll:

  • Identify a bold Ask that will move you toward that goal.
  • Step into your own personal ZOFO to craft this big Ask.
  • Define your reserve.
  • Craft your Ask Plan

Plus, you'll get a follow-up with Dia to deepen your learning and define what's next. 

SIGN UP TODAY- Sessions are limited!

Through personalized coaching and targeted action-planning, we’ll set you on the path to achieving your big, gorgeous goal in record time.

What women are saying:

“Figuring out beforehand what I'm willing to accept and why so that I'm ready to counter or accept with confidence.”

“I'm literally going to have the negotiation conversation tomorrow, so this conversation couldn't have come at a better time.”

"I was immediately able to implement the ideas and articulate my ask. It was an aha moment when we circled from what I thought my objective was (recognition and respect) to what I actually want (decision making authority). WOW"



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